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Alexandra Pylenkova

Andrey and Anna are the masters of their craft, which is reflected not only in the quality of the work done but also in the... read more

Julia and Timur

  • Head managers
  • Carpentry workshop
Working with Anna Katerinich design never fails to amaze us. It’s a rare thing when we get a detailed specification and full drawings from designers. There’s no such a problem when working with this design bureau. Anna personally pays a lot of attention to furniture design elaborati... read more

Sergey Korb

It’s great to have partnership relations with the design bureau - Anna Katerinich design!!!
A professional, responsible and diligent approach to the matter. Staff’s knowledge of upholstered furniture structural elements and design, as well as the ability to convey and explain ... read more


I want to thank Anna Katerinich design for multiple joint works. Thanks for door manufacturing orders, for streamlined, wel... read more