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Dancing jars, apartment 60 м2

7,5 M Rub
Implementation cost
60 м2
Designing area
245 K Rub
Project cost
90 days
Development time
Eclectic in the interior as a way to save money and get exuberant chic

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What we have:
A flat of flexible planning, 60 m2, a young family with a baby. The guys are creative, deal with music and dances. Low budget.
A limited budget together with owners’ flexible, creative thinking? Eclectic stylistics is what we need here! This solution extended the possibility boundaries very much, which allowed the clients to choose every interior element to their liking. Also, the favorable planning of the flat, which we could reinvent in any way, played into our hands.

 • We took gray color as a basis and added a little of jolly colors in every room – the same vigorous as this young family. In the living room – merry orange shades, in the hallway – a bit of grapefruit bitterness, in the bedroom – delicate pale rose. Indeed, ‘boring’ grey is an excellent base for bright main colors.
 • We furnished the bathroom in black-white-gray-pink shades: the combination symbolizes the union between the man and the woman.
 • The nursery is made in calm pastel shades, it is soothing.
 • By reducing the hallway and moving the kitchen due to it, we got a whole additional room.
 • We zoned the kitchen-dinner, added lightness and texture to the space using a split-level decorative ceiling. We finished the living room walls with gray decorative brick – the shade is aligned with the main color grade of the walls in the whole apartment.

Project’s twists
We depicted dancing jars by way of dancing shadows on the splashback. Therefore, we got a metaphor of owners’ life, and it also became the conceptual accent of an ample kitchen-dinner.

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Sergey Korb

It’s great to have partnership relations with the design bureau - Anna Katerinich design!!!
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