The design studio offers three services:

  • Creating a design project
  • Designer's supervision
  • Furnishing

The services can be combined following your desires or needs. We make an individual work plan with each client.

Design project – what is it?

Have you decided to fix up your house? Everything you have right now is naked walls and concrete floor. You wish to make the interior of your dreams out of the soulless space, to think through every detail. There are so many ideas on the Internet, you scroll through pictures but don’t know how to implement it in your house.

«Classy interior solutions are constantly on my mind – why can’t I do the same?»

...with our help.

House/flat decoration and redo are a complex process, which is hard to implement on your own. Certain skills, a lot of free time are necessary.

A design project will help you to get rid of the next problems:


You get a ready solution and the only thing you have to do is to bring it to life.

«So, is everything so easy?»

Let’s run through the working process in detail

3D measurement

Check out an example

The fundamental stage of all works is 3D measurement. Using sophisticated laser equipment we measure the area WITHOUT ERRORS. You can put off doubts and fears that one of the measurements will be lost in the process or be inaccurate. This is impossible. Special software won’t let it happen.

Technical specification

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The next stage – technical specification. The document contains all information for a competent and quick creation of a design project.

ATTENTION: We recommend the clients to take the service seriously, pay special attention to the initial stages because it will be impossible to make changes and adjustments into the project after them.

«We have the measurement result on hand, technical specification is reviewed – what is next?»

Planning concept

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Space planning should correspond to the client’s needs and desires. We develop the best planning concept for you and your family taking into account all the laws of ergonomics.

«Shall we switch to the pictures of the future interior now?»

Choosing interior items

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Almost. Let’s start with collages. The designer gathers separate pieces of furniture and decoration into a concept board to grasp the client’s taste and quickly work out the concept for him or her. The client will be able to find out whether she or he likes it or not.

«I like it! What are we gonna do next?»

3D visualization

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3D visualization in the 3D Max software. You get a realistic image as if we took a picture of your future flat.

«And what if it will be still not clear to me? A picture is one thing, and what we have in reality is quite another one»

We agree, that’s why we have VR-modeling specially for you.
Check out an example

You can visit your future flat, understand how it will actually look.
«How many stages this service includes! Very interesting, thanks»

Technical documentation

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Yes, significant efforts have been made but there’s more. Once you check and fall in love with the design project, there are a couple of things to do:

  • To draw up technical documentation. When the team sets to work, they’ll have the document. This is a plan where everything is recorded in detail. Charts and drawings are on 20-40 pages.
  • Specification. A list of all materials, goods, equipment, pieces of furniture to buy before building works.

The result of the work

Upon completion of all work you receive:

  • 3D visualizations;
  • Album of technical documentation;
  • Specifications for finishing materials, all goods and furniture;
  • Gift album in its original packaging (as a souvenir and to show to friends).

Cost of service “Design project” (per m2):

from 35
additional discounts are available

Additional services

You can make the purchase on your own. Finding suppliers, looking for the necessary code of a product.

It should be considered that it takes months to get some products, you should order delivery, describe Technical specification for complex items when necessary, develop furniture drawings, match materials and color, figure out cutting and reserve. If you don’t do it in time, it’s impossible to meet the schedule.

You may waste time and nerves. Also, you may keep cooperating with us and order the «FURNISHING» service!

We’ll implement your project in such a way as to exceed all expectations. Do you want to move into a new flat, relax and enjoy the decoration? Order the «DESIGNER'S SUPERVISION» service!