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Dandelion Wine, house 250 м2

20 M Rub
Implementation cost
250 м2
Designing area
450 K Rub
Project cost
120 days
Development time
Every natural thing to escape the urban jungle

You could see this project in the magazine Screenshot 2020-10-31 at 15.58.58.jpg

You could see this project in the magazine Screenshot 2021-02-09 at 18.09.40.jpg

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What we have:
A newly built house, area – 250 m2. Flooring and wall material is unusual – cement bonded particle boards, replanning is impossible. Huge windows, a lot of light. The owners – a young vigorous family, couple with children. He’s down to Earth, reserved, very modern, often goes to Asia, has a thing for laconic interiors, natural materials, neutral shades. She’s softer, more romantic, also likes natural materials and colors. They want to see simple coziness in the house, a space outside the hours to escape the urban jungle. Originally considered only strict geometrical shapes, against any bright colors in the interior.

 • Since replanning was impossible we focused on the functional placement of furniture and decided to toy with contrasts – it makes every conceptual accent deeper.
 • So, we placed a fireplace with ceramic granite covering in the living room and put an elegant burgundy armchair from the Scandinavian manufacturer Sits next to it. Couches are of strictly geometrical shapes softened by pink suede. Airy curtains emphasized the window height and а Williams Sonoma straw carpet especially ordered in the US was the finishing touch.
 • We decided to create an additional amount of space in the halls of 1st and 2nd floors and successively ‘catch’ the eye on a few objects. To this end, we covered walls with wooden bars and planted natural moss between them. Following long searches for the parquet of a certain texture, we made a custom order to match the project.
 • As the project work progressed, the owners changed their minds to avoid filling their home with bright colors. First, green colors appeared in the interior, then sky-blue and dark blue, and the final was that very burgundy armchair in the living room. Children’s rooms turned to be bright altogether.
 • The final touches were textile and carpets first the client positively refused, but his wife was very interested and got him around. As a result, we have smart curtains, carpets and covers, which made the house lively and cozy.

Project’s twists
A combination of wood and plants. Besides the halls, we used this technique in the lounge room at the sauna at the same time redirecting the look to the window in this small premise. We covered the wall behind the bed with oak panels – while the whole room is finished with very interesting wallpapers with a textile herringbone pattern.
All closets in the house are designer’s ones, Anna designed them specially for the customers. A closet with milled facades for the bathroom, an original pattern for a closet in the office and very complicated hollow doors in the girl’s room.

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