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Seasons, apartment 72 м2

7 M Rub
Implementation cost
72 м2
Designing area
350 K Rub
Project cost
150 days
Development time
All stages of natural cyclicity in the center of the metropolis

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Each season is beautiful and original in its own way. Each carries its own palette of color and light. When we created the project, we talked a lot about the sun and air. But how to reflect the sun, if not with color? The juiciness of the May leaves in the guest bathroom, the bright sunny sofa in the kitchen, which sprays rays into the decor and elements, withered greens and juicy foliage of late autumn in the bedroom and an incredible sunset on the loggia. All stages of natural cyclicity in the center of the metropolis. As a reminder of simple values.

We took laconic forms and monocolor techniques as a basis to create a base for filling with little things dear to the heart. Therefore, some items are either vintage or have a mid-century style. There is nothing better when objects tell a story by their very appearance. History of creation or acquisition. In the details created by the hands of the masters, there is also a lot of soul and that non-ideality that the project required. These techniques added relaxation and uniqueness to the interior.
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