About us

Anna Katerinich Design - a design studio with love to details. 

We deal with private and public interiors. 

Our design is the wishes of our clients. We create genuinely individual projects. 

Our solutions are not only well-matched color and elaborated space geometry but your inimitable style!

Distinctive features

  • QUALITY FORMULA: everyone minds his own business and loves it;
  • NO CLICHES: a new customer – a new interior;
  • COLOR IS THE KEY TO EVERYTHING that defines your space;
  • SHAPE DOES MATTER: individual furniture perspective.
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Anna Katerinich is the studio’s manager and ideologic inspiration. Having completed an art school, she had no doubts that she’ll dedicate her life to design. It was only beginning…

6 years of studying at the art faculty of the State University and then courses of major Moscow design schools lied ahead of Anna. Successfully juggling studies and job, Anna revealed something new all the time. This way she fell in love with customized furniture working at furniture workshops. Anna gained key knowledge and skills required in the project activities while working at an architectural company. It was left to take the next independent step – to create her own studio. Where everyone would mind his business. And everyone would love what he’s doing. Since only this formula provides a high-quality result. And Anna made it.

"Every project is exclusive and reflects the individual features of life style."

The Studio develops “Custom Interior” for each customer. We avoid “one size fits all”, it means there will be no two similar flats. Every project is unique in its own way. When our designers meet the client, they plunge into the project, examine every detail, take into account all particulars. This way the original image of the interior with color, architectural and ergonomic features takes shape. When the project is completed, you’ll have no doubts that something could be different. Only the way you wished it.

"Once the Studio spent a few months trying to get the necessary shade of the parquet."

We place a particular emphasis on color. This is the key point. It is no secret that scientists proved the enormous influence of the color on the human perception of surrounding space long ago. We should confess that we as designers can be very sensitive to it. But this is professional. Besides, color is not always bright and vibrant shades. They can be various: quiet, accent or nuance. And the final result depends on their smart and well-weighed combination and use in the space. And its name is design.

"Furniture is the next Anna’s passion since workshops."

Design is volume and shape too. Interior cannot do without things we used to, and our mission is to figure out how to distinguish them, make them special and unusual. We do love unique furniture. That’s why when there’s an opportunity to work with interesting materials and develop something custom, the Studio doesn’t miss this chance. This is the very case when the shape means more than the content. When feelings dominate over the mind.