About us

Anna is creative, design parts, working with people and details, designer's supervision.

Andrey is implementation and contractor oversight, so as the designer sticks to key processes.

About us

Anna Katerinich Design - design bureau with a love for details. 

Anna is a creative brain, the design bureau founder and manager. Together with designers and visualizers, Anna makes the magic of smart design for you, makes it real in drafts, design part, designer's supervision.

Andrey has a black belt in organizational and communicational tasks. Andrey manages the management department, which handles purchases, the course of the project, paper work and deals with suppliers, and he also wheedles great discounts out for you.

There are no patterns!

We create all interiors from scratch

We reject ready-made solutions, standard projects, do not use routine solutions, do not build interior like lego. Working with the customer always starts with the primary and most important stage: the designer helps the client understand what interior he really wants to live in. Today, tomorrow, in five and ten years.

To this end, Anna talks to the client a lot, helps to state wishes, find his own style, distinguish the ideas of beauty and coziness. To separate them from someone else's, imposed by fashion, people you know, the noise of information field.

Using references, discussions, analysis, sketches, Anna helps the client bring his own idea of beauty to the world. And the main ideas, drafts, design projects, visualization start to generate based on it…

Связаться с нами

«We do not churn out. We try our best and sometimes 200%. I announced it in the first place, when I opened my design bureau. It happened when I became fed up with the architectural design in one studio and the batch one – in another one. Now we’re focused on a high-quality approach.»

Turn-key projects: from idea to installing door handles in a new interior

Andrey joins the process at a stage when the organizational work begins: finding required materials at the best price, reaching agreements with supplies – including discounts, organizing delivery, etc.

We solve any problems for you, from buying accessories to designer's supervision. You can order a design project only – or your new flat/house on a turn-key basis. We do everything on our own, you just need to approve the project and after a while – move into the flat or house of your dreams. Looking exactly like it does in pictures.