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Living a la French, apartment 35 м2

4 M Rub
Implementation cost
35 м2
Designing area
120 K Rub
Project cost
75 days
Development time
How to combine the passion for Paris and Portugal on 35 Square Meters

You could see this project in the magazine Screenshot 2021-02-09 at 18.06.06.jpg

You could see this project in the magazine Screenshot 2021-03-19 at 11.41.11.jpg

You could see this project in the magazine Screenshot 2022-03-09 at 16.39.19.jpg

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What we have:
A small apartment in a new residential complex. The owner loves Paris and vintage posters intensely, she has a poster collection from the Parisian art gallery. The client’s son lives now in Moscow, then in Portugal, but it’s quite possibly that he’ll finally move to the native country. In this interior, we were supposed to intertwine two stories, two generations, two countries, both extravagant and cozy, – and all this on 35 square meters.

 • Inspired by wonderful vintage posters, we presented this space in complex beige shades with contrast scarlet and black spots.
 • A different geometry of moldings in the kitchen and in the living room. Both are complex, but with similar ornaments. We managed to ‘raise’ the ceiling in the living room and ‘relieve’ the space thanks to vertical lines.
 • In the bathroom – gray walls, black tiles, and white drawn little people – and all this is in harmony with the common style of the apartment.

Project’s twists
A combination of complicated ceiling plaster with modern furniture and lighting – as a result, we have a stylish mix, which expanded the space of this small flat while at the same time making its concept completely finished.

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