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Dostoyanie White, apartment 50 м2

5 M Rub
Implementation cost
50 м2
Designing area
200 K Rub
Project cost
90 days
Development time
A Light Modern Interior as an Absolute Reflection of the Owner

VR version of rendering is available here

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What we have:
An apartment with a free layout. The customer is a very feminine lady beyond fashion with her unique style. Has a passion for Europe, especially its Mediterranean part.

 • A light space, toying with semi-tones and different textures. Color accents – furniture and decoration elements. Lightweight plaster moldings. So we had a feminine interior without a whiff of infantilism.
 • Joining the kitchen and the living room.
 • Reducing the hallway – the client doesn’t need a big one, it allowed expanding the bathroom where we placed a washroom.
 • Boldly toying with bright color accents, we made sure that space was not overloaded with details and shades.

Project’s twists
Bathrooms. The mistress' juicy colorful bathroom: green arabesques as a background and a rose-pearl mosaic stripe. The guest bathroom resonates with the mistress' by the green floor and wallpapers with a graphic pattern.
Bedroom. We placed a library there! And the pearl gradient plaster looks differently under different lighting. A bright emphasis is a wardrobe of fuchsia color.

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David Markov

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