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About summer, apartment 140 м2

10 M Rub
Implementation cost
140 м2
Designing area
420 K Rub
Project cost
100 days
Development time
An Ample Apartment with Complex Layout for a Big Family

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What we have:
Mytishchi town, a very sunny hot apartment with an area of 130 m2 – a result of joining two neighboring apartments. The original and complex geometry, a high floor, designer’s renovation made 8 years ago, the dominating color – pink. A family with 2 children, they often travel to Asia, like modern Asian interiors, laconic spaces, natural materials, outside activities. Husband and wife are businessmen, intellectuals. Among desires: to bring the complex space to a single concept, to leave some pieces of furniture. Give the space more life and color while getting rid of warm shades: the apartment is already hot without them.

 • We divided the apartment into two conditional parts: the first is ‘adults’, and the one joined later – ‘children’s’. The area between children's rooms became a small living-room.
 • There were four bathrooms in the apartment, we united them into two: children’s and adults’. The children’s is porcelain tiled. We made a SPA in the adults’ bathroom, where a solid wooden cask in the shower room became the conceptual accent. We matched a teak drawer to it with a stone sink, dimmed lighting, dark materials.
 • We laid the solid wood floors, painted walls with cool shades with water-emulsion English paint Little green. We toyed with blue and green shades, setting dynamics. The kitchen was given a new look in a dense sky-blue color, which the wenge furniture, which initially had been there, highlighted. However, wenge took some doing: we made upper facades bright. We made a mosaic graphical picture in the splashback area.
 • The customers like wood, and we use it everywhere where appropriate. For example, we decorated a wall behind the TV in the living room with 3D wooden panels.
 • As you go further into the apartment the shades of ‘stone sink, dimmed lightning, dark materials’ become warmer: there’s less direct sunlight, and we could blend cool shades with orange strokes.
 • We mixed old pieces of furniture with new ones from different factories, managed to match harmonious combinations for every interior.
 • We made induced draft conditioning all over the apartment, which wasn’t easy, we even had to lower ceilings in the shower room to 2,4 meters.
 • We succeeded in uniting the blue-green color concept and a pink couch in the living room choosing the curtains of similar shades with soft-core graphics to match the couch.
 • At the end of the work, we suddenly had to include a piano in the project, and we turned the small living room into a music room.

Project’s twists
The initial joined apartment has a long round passage from the hallway to the kitchen. We decided to keep it – otherwise, the family would have to do without a convenient big pantry. When we made a zone between the children’s rooms and the small living room, this became the only space a person who enters the flat sees from the door. And the farther the guest goes into the flat, the more space opens to him, as if it uploads as you keep going. A very interesting effect, it makes a lasting impression on everybody.

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