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New traditions, apartment 97 м2

10 M Rub
Implementation cost
97 м2
Designing area
485 K Rub
Project cost
150 days
Development time
Traditional interior - a story about a family, their values, cultures and relationships
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Love for old Moscow courtyards and an apartment in a modern new building - such a symbiosis gives rise to modern classics. A traditional interior is a story about a family, their values, culture and relationships. If you look through the prism of style, then this interior is a balance between classic and fashion. It can shift in one direction or another, but we will always see common features in the main base.

In all rooms, common elements are plaster or ceramic moldings, a high plinth, a wide cornice and paneled doors. We mixed them with modern furniture, lighting and details so that the interior does not turn into a strict and prim.

Beige notes and warmth are necessary for Moscow residents, like the sun, which is so lacking. Throughout the apartment, we used different shades from light cream to terracotta. They were muted or increased saturation and effect on mood. The sandy floor was brought from the hallway into the living room. It resembles a wave that penetrated the walls and flooded part of the room, marking the functional areas. The checkerboard layout sets a dynamic that enlivens the interior, flirting with neighboring prints. Contrary to warm living areas, bathrooms are chilled by the texture and color of stone.
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