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Hazel-wood, apartment 90 м2

5 M Rub
Implementation cost
90 м2
Designing area
300 K Rub
Project cost
100 days
Development time
When the wife wants natural motifs, the husband – solid classics, and kids are on their way

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What we have:
A bright apartment in a residential complex, a family with two teenagers of different genders. The housemother is dreaming about a bright 'natural' space. The father wants the noble coziness of American interiors. It is just as well, we have a black belt in introducing eclectic into interiors!

 • A cool color grade balanced with natural sunlight and natural textures.
 • We divided the elongated kitchen into a TV area (live sky-blue colors), a dining area and a cooking area. The stylistic unity is achieved by matching wallpapers, curtains and splashback with natural prints.
 • Girl’s room – orange, this is her favorite color. Additional shades: pink and dark details, which show off the main color.
 • Boy’s room – switch from classic to futurism: the young man prefers laconic shapes and likes space theme.
 • The general color grade of the flat prevails in bathrooms: cool blue colors, which we mixed with gold.

Project’s twists
Parents’ bedroom. It combines natural and classic motifs: Cole&Son wallpapers + soft-core but luxurious American lighting. Cool green shades are balanced with honey hue accents and fittings with gilding.

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