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Ar-Deco apartment 90 м2

7 M Rub
Implementation cost
90 м2
Designing area
350 K Rub
Project cost
120 days
Development time
Art Deco with Bold Color Solutions: A Project for a Family in Love with Luxury
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What we have:
An apartment with low ceilings. The owners – a married couple with children, they want luxury, open to experiments. They understand that the area and space features make us toy with styles and tailor some solutions to the task.

 • Limited space of the flat and low ceilings made us scratch our head over but finally everybody agreed to mix classics and modern elements.
 • The living room became a conceptual accent of the interior. Here we combined complex pink shades and golden molding on the walls. A dark blue velvet couch with graphite cushions made up the single composition with a geometric pattern of black and white carpet. To visually expand the space and make the style more dynamic, we placed mirrors symmetrically to the TV. We elaborated a pattern of metal inserts for them.
 • The kitchen became a kingdom of semi-tone, complex gray-brown hues.
 • The adults’ bedroom goes out of the rest beige-pink space by its color. The client wanted to make this room unusual, to make it stand out – we let the green color in here and developed original wardrobes with brass inserts in the art deco style.
 • For a girl, the youngest in the family, we made the bedroom in beige-pink color and refreshed it with the speckles of sky blue. A tent-bed and handmade wallpapers made space cute and fairy.
 • For the oldest kid, a boy, we chose cool dark wallpapers, stating: a man is growing in this interior.

Project’s twists
Decorative lighting specially ordered from the US. It is where we found the necessary details, which highlighted the stylistic accents of this project.

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